The Murals of the Mind Project (M.O.M.) is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization began in 2007 providing free alternative education programs to youth ages 10 to 17. For more than ten years M.O.M. has served over 3000 youth in the Philadelphia and Camden. But wait, there’s more good news! Since 2014:

  • » 20% of our kids have participated in additional programs
  • » 75% of teens who participated in the college and career readiness workshop secure summer jobs, internships, or volunteer
  • » 10% of participants return as mentors, guest speakers and junior facilitators

...If M.O.M. won’t who will?

M.O.M.’s success is largely due to community partnerships and committed volunteers; individual support and corporate sponsorship. Our commitment to youth success is unwavering. Here, we help youth gets ready for life!


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Our Mission

In the pursuit of self-discovery writing, a form of expression can be used to articulate thoughts, ideas, feelings, views, and opinions. The written word can also be a critical tool to help in selfdiscovery and connecting with others. Read More

Personal Mission

Through creative writing and service learning my mission as a leader is to serve as an advocate for youth and young adults, engaging them in dialogue through creative writing, encouraging them to discover themselves.
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Why We Care

For years cities around the country have had increasingly high rates of youth violence and a large percentage of high school dropouts and the trends are becoming a global issue.
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Who We Are

Read all about the dedicated people that make Murals of the Mind a successful project.
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The M.O.M. Project is designed as an enrichment tool to complement and enhance academics in the following areas.
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