Personal Mission

Through creative writing and service learning my mission as a leader is to serve as an advocate for youth and young adults, engaging them in dialogue through creative writing, encouraging them to discover themselves. My vision directly correlates with the core value that “…there is a brilliant child locked inside of every student…” (Collins, n.d.). I believe that everyone has a story to tell and within in every story is a lesson to be learned. I lead by example, using positive, non-violent active participation and self-expression to tap into the creative, intellectual spirit that is the pure embodiment of youth.

As a leader I reach beyond the obvious, finding creative ways to support youth in discovering their personal greatness through the mastery of language arts: reading, writing, speaking (diction), listening, and visual literacy; vocabulary, composition, and comprehension. My leadership focuses on serving as a beacon for youth and young adults so they can peel away their armor and release the artistic power within; and infuse imagination with critical thinking; observation with teamwork; art and culture and service learning with camaraderie.

My mission is to positively affect the youth of the world. I am on a mission is to provide tools to help young people develop new communication skills using language both familiar and unfamiliar. My goal is to encourage youth and young adults to develop positive communications strategies for conflict resolution, anger management, peer mediation and service learning. My intention is to encourage the incorrigible; to engage the disengaged; to connect the disconnected; to give voice to the voiceless; to enfranchise the disenfranchised; to offer rays of hope to the hopeless; and to educate the youth of the world. I want young people to cause a ripple effect of positive progression on a global scale. I believe through my leadership this can be done because…If I don’t, who will?