Philadelphia, PA– The Murals of the Mind Project™ (aka M.O.M. ™) is proud to present a creative writing project that introduces young scholars to the real-life and artistic value of creative writing. Designed as an enrichment tool to encourage scholars to actively engage in the process of writing, reading, reciting and performing original written works, M.O.M. serves youth and young adults ages 6-21 (core group: tweens and teens ages 10-14) and is intended to be a positive, non-violent outlet to help youth learn to freely express feelings, thoughts and ideas, and resolve conflicts without violence while improving literacy, other academic, and social skills.

Ideal for youth and young adult scholars, M.O.M. is flexible. Designed to run two or more days per week for two or more hours per day, The Project is facilitated as an in-class, extra-curricular or after-school program, and is segmented into 12- and 16-week sessions during the school year. MOM also facilitates eight-week summer sessions. M.O.M. offers an artists-in-residence and intern component that provides scholars opportunities to build collaborative and mentoring relationships with both rising and more seasoned artists in an environment that is safe, drug and conflict free. The Murals of the Mind Project provides tools to help young people develop new communication skills using language both familiar and unfamiliar, promoting the development of positive communications strategies that can be used for conflict resolution, anger management, peer mediation and service learning all of which open a path to academic success.

M.O.M. includes group discussions, writing exercises and games to assist youth by developing alternative strategies to violence while improving their scholastic abilities. The Project promotes the arts, arts education, and power of language. The Murals of the Mind Project uses open mic, readings, spoken word and slam performances, and competitions to encourage and celebrate scholars’ progress.

The Project serves as a platform on which youth and young adults can freely express themselves and present original written work live on stage before an audience of peers, family and the community at large. To highlight achievements, an annual anthology of original work created by the scholars will be published to serve as a testimony to their hard work, growth, and dedication to continuous self improvement. M.O.M. also offers youth and young adult scholars the opportunity to perform on broadcast radio and on television.

The Murals of the Mind Project is a vehicle that helps young people find their voices, tell their stories. M.O.M. strives to encourage youth and young adults to embrace, celebrate and accept their uniqueness – quirks and all.

The Murals of the Mind Project…If M.O.M. won’t who will?

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