Why Mom?

Writing, a form of expression can be used to articulate thoughts, ideas, feelings, views, and opinions. The written word can also be a critical tool to help in self-discovery and connecting with others. The Murals of the Mind™ Project (aka M.O.M.™) exists to engage youth and young adults in a dialogue with themselves and with others. Through creative writing activities that are inventive, fun, challenging, innovative, and thought provoking, M.O.M. helps young people discover themselves.

M.O.M. encourages positive, non-violent, active participation and self-expression. The Murals of the Mind Project strives to compliment academics by tapping into the intellectual spirit in a way that can creatively support language arts. M.O.M. focuses on revealing the artistic power and real life value of writing along with word usage by infusing imagination with critical thinking; observation with teamwork; art and culture with camaraderie. M.O.M. is a vehicle that helps young people find their voices, tell their stories. M.O.M. strives to encourage youth and young adults to embrace, celebrate and accept their uniqueness – quirks and all.

Murals of the Mind…if M.O.M. won’t who will?