About Us

The Murals of the Mind Project (M.O.M.) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that has provided alternative education programs to youth ages 10 through 17 years old since 2007. Our mission is to help youth increase their literacy IQ. This is accomplished by engaging them in unique, alternative education and mentoring programs in creative writing and performance; college, career and financial readiness, and STEM workshops, encampments and community service.

M.O.M.s vision is to awaken the imagination and curiosity of youth, tangibly assisting them in improving life outcomes. We strive to promote literacy and educational excellence. M.O.M. encourages young people to custom design their narratives, expand peer networks, embrace their majesty; and celebrate and accept their uniqueness – quirks and all.

Our goal is to take a 360-degree approach to helping improve youth literacy and skills readiness outcomes in Philadelphia and surrounding communities. Our “On the Road” format enables us to go wherever the need is to gets kids and teens ready. Our programs, events and mentoring are diverse, imaginative, fun, and youth-centered.

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