How M.O.M. Does it

M.O.M. serves youth and young adults ages 6-21* with a particular focus on tweens and teens ages 10-14. M.O.M. The Project is intended to be a positive, non-violent outlet to help young scholars learn to freely express feelings, thoughts and ideas, and resolve conflicts without violence while improving literacy, other academics, and social skills.

M.O.M. is a flexible, offering in-class, extra-curricular, after-school, and summer programming. Our artists-in-residence and intern initiative gives scholars opportunities to build collaborative and mentoring relationships with both rising and seasoned artists in an environment that is safe, and drug and conflict free. M.O.M. provides tools to help young people develop new communication tools using language both familiar and unfamiliar.

Through group discussions, writing exercises, games and field trips M.O.M. advocates for the arts, arts education, and power of language. We help young people develop positive communication skills to help them deal with conflict resolution, anger management, peer mediation and service learning. M.O.M. uses open mic readings, spoken word performances and various challenges and rewards to engage scholars in writing.

* M.O.M. can be customized for the preschool and kindergarten age groups as well.