Our Mission

Writing, a form of expression can be used to articulate thoughts, ideas, feelings, views, and opinions. The written word can also be a critical tool to help in self-discovery and connecting with others. The Murals of the Mind™ Project (aka M.O.M. ™) exists to engage youth and young adults in a dialogue with themselves and with others. Through creative writing activities that are inventive, fun, challenging, innovative, and thought provoking, M.O.M. helps young people discover themselves.

Our Mission
M.O.M. encourages positive, non-violent, active participation and self-expression and strives to compliment academics by tapping into the intellectual spirit in a way that can creatively support language arts. M.O.M. focuses on revealing the artistic power and real life value of writing and the use of words by infusing imagination with critical thinking; observation with teamwork; art and culture with camaraderie.

M.O.M. is a vehicle that helps young people find their voices, tell their stories. M.O.M. strives to encourage youth and young adults to embrace, celebrate and accept their uniqueness – quirks and all.


  • To relentlessly advocate for the power of words
  • To encourage young people to think before acting and inspire them to realize their roles as integral members of the community at large
  • To help young people to accept accountability and responsibly and to pursue goals with patience and grace
  • To feverishly promote the reduction of violent occurrences among youth and young adults through intra- and inter-generational dialogue
  • To support youth in the public advocacy and celebration of diversity and non violence
  • To help youth and young adults discover their voices and encourage goodwill steward ship among diverse communities
  • To support and advocate goodwill ambassadorship and exchange of ideas between the global community of youth and young adults
  • To engage in collaborative partnerships with communities, parents and educators for there eduction of youth violence through a support system of follow-up, tracking and feedback
  • To offer support as a second tier educational tool for students, educators and parents
  • To advocate education excellence and encourage youth to discover, embrace and share their talents with global community networks
  • To be an advocate of higher learning, crafting opportunities for youth and young adults to realize their full academic and creative potential