Participant Testimonies

[During the program] “…it was reassuring to hear from high schoolers. They gave me a better perspective of what [high school} is like… [and] how to balance. I’m glad I took advantage of it…” ~ Miles C., 7 th grade

[I liked] “…yoga because…it was fun.” ~ Javon H., 7 th grade

“The conversations about [how to manage] problems [helped me better prepare for high school]…” ~ Alan S., 9 th grade

[Accepted!] “…gave me better insight [to high school]… It was fun…I got to interact with other kids” ~ Keiasia G., 9 h grade

“I loved everything!” ~ Shyann G. 8 th grade

Parent Testimonies

“My daughter Jercara …enjoyed and learned daily at this program.” ~ Nya J., parent

[Miles] “…was expecting it to be boring. He said it was…fun.” ~ Akilah E., parent

[Shyann] “…talked to new …people [and] learned some new things. I’m thankful we’re connected.” ~ Angelique G., parent

Program Partners Testimonies

“… Accepted! program was an opportunity for… Path to Greatness to partner with The Murals of the Mind Project… [We were] provided with space and materials… to execute workshops with GREATNESS. [We] had support from their team throughout the whole week. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.” ~ Lavon Howard, Founder of Path to Greatness

“Facilitators were successful in creating safe space for youth to have positive discussions about topics ranging from relationship building, teen stress, anxiety, physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, bullying, trusting adults and most importantly education at the high school level. Students seemed to be initially shy, but then opened up to engage in group exercises that would challenge them to think critically about identity and academic standings. Accepted! …is necessary and much needed for youth.” ~ James Owk, Workshop Facilitator, Literacy Professional and Youth Advocate