Gary Dempsey

Gary Dempsey / MAED, Special Education – Advisor
As a special education professional Philadelphian Gary Dempsey has been an educator for more than 15 years within the Philadelphia Public school system. His expertise focuses on high school students ages 14-21 years old. He serves as a private tutor and mentor for special needs students medically classified as homebound. Mr. Dempsey has worked in the behavioral health industry as a TSS professional working with behaviorally and socially challenged adolescents and youth ages 7-17.

From 2000 to 2004 Mr. Dempsey collaborated with several Philadelphia community agencies and businesses to develop and provide employability skills as well as job placement opportunities for graduating students.

Placements included job opportunities at Temple University Hospital, Stapley Retirement Home, Sacred Heart Nursing Home, Free Library of Philadelphia, and Germantown Friends School.

In 2000 Mr. Dempsey was appointed the transitional leader at Dobbins High School, Philadelphia for its incoming freshman class. This allowed him to assist new students with developing skills needed to acclimate to high school culture.

Within the realm of his work Mr. Dempsey, in 2005 received the American Red Cross Teacher of the Year award. He was also the recipient of the WDAS Teacher of the Month Award.

Mr. Dempsey holds a BA in Human Services and an MAED in Special Education. He is vocational and special education certified as well.