Monica McIntyre

Monica McIntyre / Musician – Advisor
Ms. McIntyre is a talented cellist, vocalist, and lyricist, who believes that music, is any sound that guarantees no one is mistreated and ensures that those who need the most help get the most help.

Ms. McIntyre began playing the cello at the age of seven and spent her first 11 years studying classical music in her native town, Hyattsville, MD. For the past 12 years Monica has been steeped in Philadelphia’s rich musical landscape, which has heavily influenced her musical sensibilities and experiences, introducing her to: R&B, Blues, Soul, Funk and Middle-Eastern music.

Ms. McIntyre has performed at numerous events and venues throughout the United States and has recorded several works including Blusolaz (2003), a full length album; Bars of Gold (2005), a single; and her forth-coming album, Abuse Gets Heavy, which was released in October 2007.