Renaya Furtick-Wheelan

Renaya Furtick-Wheelan, Ph.D; / Psycho-educational Processes – Advisor
A native of Philadelphia, Dr. Renaya Furtick Wheelan is a motivator, life coach, teacher, counselor, trainer and organizational development consultant with expertise as a group psychologist, using a holistic approach to her work in an effort to empower her clients. She has been active in motivating and educating youth for over 15 years and has provided her services to a program that helped women to transition from welfare to work as well.

A tireless professional Dr. Furtick Wheelan has assisted with the design and implementation of a two-week orientation component for a start up program for woman, which consisted of an intertwining of a therapeutic and educational models to create a dynamic method of allowing people (particularly woman) to identify their issues in order to create different personal outcomes. She also spent time working as a Therapist, motivating and cultivating young adults and teens in a dual-diagnoses (substance abuse and psychiatric problems) psychiatric facility. Dr. Furtick Wheelan served for three years as a project coordinator with an intergenerational program; creating a multi-generational mentoring environment.

A Temple University alumnus, Dr. Furtick Wheelan holds a Ph.D in Psycho-educational Processes with a concentration in Adult Group and Organizational Development, an MAED in Psycho-educational Processes, and a B.S. degree in Therapeutic Recreation.

Dr. Furtick Wheelan is the founder of Stillrizen Enterprises, a consulting firm with the goal of empowering individuals and groups to successfully handle change.